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    Flowers in box No. 4Flowers in box No. 4Featured
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    Flowers in box No. 2Flowers in box No. 2Featured
    80.00 BYN
    Flowers in box No. 1Flowers in box No. 1Featured
    106.00 BYN
    Box of gypsophila "White in pink"Box of gypsophila "White in pink"
    65.00 BYN
    Box of gypsophila "White in black"Box of gypsophila "White in black"
    65.00 BYN
    Chamomiles in a boxChamomiles in a box
    67.00 BYN
    Flowers in a box “Cream”Flowers in a box “Cream”
    68.00 BYN
    Flowers in a box “Revival”Flowers in a box “Revival”
    68.00 BYN
    Flowers in a box “Bordeaux 11”Flowers in a box “Bordeaux 11”
    68.00 BYN
    Flowers in box No. 1Flowers in box No. 1
    78.00 BYN

    Buy a hat box with flowers in Minsk

    These are popular and original compositions that can be made from: roses, hydrangeas, carnations, spray roses, tulips. In the store catalog you can choose and order a box of flowers you like for delivery.

    What's inside the box?

    To create compositions in a hat box, mainly round or square shapes are used. A floral sponge soaked in water is placed inside, which provides nutrition to the flowers inserted into it. Care If you purchased a box of this type, its maintenance will be minimal. After 2-3 days, you need to add a little water inside, about 100-150 grams if you have a small box. The versatility, originality and ease of care of such compositions are a huge advantage compared to a bouquet of flowers.

    Order flowers in a box

    To place an order, you can call us at +375 (44) 712-50-70, or place your order yourself in a few steps:
    1. Choose your favorite box with flowers or roses
    2. Press the “buy” button
    3. Fill in the order information, check it, and click “Place order.”
    After placing an order on the website, you need to wait for confirmation by the manager, after which a letter will be sent to your email with a link to pay using a bank card, as well as instructions on how to pay for your order through ERIP.