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    Flowers in Minsk with delivery

    Bouquet of roses "Test"Bouquet of roses "Test"Featured
    125.00 BYN
    Bouquet "Raspberry dream"Bouquet "Raspberry dream"Featured
    73.00 BYN
    Bouquet "Heartbreaker"Bouquet "Heartbreaker"Featured
    145.00 BYN
    Bouquet of peonies "Meringue"Bouquet of peonies "Meringue"Featured
    145.00 BYN
    Bouquet of carnations "Hearts"Bouquet of carnations "Hearts"Featured
    72.00 BYN
    Bouquet of gypsophila "Vintage"Bouquet of gypsophila "Vintage"Featured
    63.00 BYN
    Bouquet "Moon"Bouquet "Moon"Featured
    from 71.00 BYN
    Bouquet of alstroemerias "Kraft"Bouquet of alstroemerias "Kraft"Featured
    85.00 BYN
    Composite bouquet "Latino"Composite bouquet "Latino"Featured
    115.00 BYN
    Composite bouquet "Havana"Composite bouquet "Havana"Featured
    99.00 BYN

    Best offer

    Bouquet "Graceful"Bouquet "Graceful"Discount!
    11%80.00 BYN
    Bouquet of roses "Element"Bouquet of roses "Element"Discount!
    20%120.00 BYN
    Box with flowers "Tango"Box with flowers "Tango"Discount!
    24%95.00 BYN
    Gypsophila box "White in pink"Gypsophila box "White in pink"Discount!
    10%63.00 BYN
    Bouquet of roses "Pearl"Bouquet of roses "Pearl"
    from 44.00 BYN
    Bouquet of roses "Jasmine"Bouquet of roses "Jasmine"
    from 97.00 BYN

    Buy flowers inexpensively DolinaRoz

    We have in stock an impressive range of flowers, both Belarusian-made and imported - Holland, Ecuador, Kenya, Brazil. In our flower shop you can buy almost any flowers with delivery in Minsk or in our retail stores at a low price. All cut flowers are stored at the correct temperature to ensure excellent longevity after purchase.

    The catalog is presented from a variety of ready-made bouquets of roses, daisies, eustoma, spray roses and many other flowers. We have a large catalog of prefabricated bouquets, which include exotic flowers, plants, greens. Experienced florists will make a stylish, fresh bouquet based on your wishes and preferences.

    You can order flowers while abroad, because our store provides online payment using a bank card from any country. We accept payments using all cards where online payment is provided, and there is also a ERIP calculation system for residents of Belarus. In addition to the bouquet, you can choose the necessary postcard or insert, supplementing it with the necessary text with your wishes.

    Free flower delivery in Minsk

    Do you want to make a nice flower gift with delivery in Minsk? You can count on us - we will definitely not let you down. We do not disclose information about the customer without his knowledge. Delivery is carried out at a convenient time interval for you absolutely free of charge when ordering from 70 bel. rubles.

    In our store you can order flowers with delivery, the fastest time from ordering to receiving flowers is 1.5-2 hours, provided that the courier is free. Many choose our company for a number of reasons:

    • Delivery in Minsk within 2 hours or at the appointed time
    • We will advise you when choosing
    • Over 1000 positive reviews
    • Huge selection of bouquets of 51 and 101 roses
    • Low cost for roses from 1.00 rubles, daisies - from 3.5, carnations from 3.00
    • Reception of orders - around the clock, on weekends and holidays
    • Payment can be made in a way convenient for you (online by bank card, ERIP, in cash and by card to the courier)
    • Stylish flowers in a box and a basket of roses at low prices
    • 10% discount on all flowers from our catalog when pre-ordering for pickup

    Our retail stores are located at Minsk, st. Romanovskaya Sloboda, 5 (near metro Nemiga/Frunzenskaya) and Alibegova, 22