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    Ищите промокод на скидку до 50% в товарах этой категории!

    34 BYN3200 BYN
    Bouquet of carnations "Awakening"Bouquet of carnations "Awakening"Featured
    83.00 BYN
    Bouquet of gerbera "Coquette"Bouquet of gerbera "Coquette"Discount!Featured
    13%91.00 BYN
    Bouquet “Pink Jelly”Bouquet “Pink Jelly”Discount!Featured
    9%114.00 BYN
    Bouquet of carnations "Awakening"Bouquet of carnations "Awakening"Featured
    115.00 BYN
    Composite bouquet No. 2Composite bouquet No. 2Featured
    148.00 BYN
    Bouquet "Elsa"Bouquet "Elsa"
    34.00 BYN
    Composite bouquet "Cameron"Composite bouquet "Cameron"
    35.00 BYN
    Bouquet gypsophila "Orange"Bouquet gypsophila "Orange"
    37.00 BYN
    Bouquet "Elsa"Bouquet "Elsa"
    40.00 BYN
    Bouquet of dried flowers No. 5Bouquet of dried flowers No. 5
    43.00 BYN

    Order a bouquet of flowers

    A bouquet of flowers is a charming and always appropriate sign of attention for your loved ones and people close to you. When choosing, you need to take into account the “favorite” and “unfavorite” flowers for whom the bouquet is intended. In the catalog of our store you will undoubtedly find and be able to order a suitable bouquet, because we have already assembled bouquets with photos and prices, which are divided into sections. We have selected the most popular compositions from: daisies, irises, tulips, dried flowers, peonies and many others. In our store you can place an order for a fresh bouquet both for delivery in Minsk and for pickup with a 10% discount.

    Why choose us?

    We use exclusively fresh flowers to make bouquets. Deliveries of imported plants occur twice a week, and roses produced in Belarus are delivered every day or every other day. All this guarantees a certain freshness of bouquets from our catalog. We are very particular about the quality of the bouquets we deliver, so all bouquets are checked again before the courier leaves. Special attention is paid to the delivery time; we deliver at a convenient time interval for you. Most companies have delivery intervals from 3 to 5 hours.

    Buy a bouquet in Minsk

    To place an order for a bouquet with delivery, you can call us at +375 (44) 712-50-70, or place your order yourself in a few steps:
    1. Choose the bouquet you like
    2. Press the “buy” button
    3. Fill in the order information, check it, and click “Place order.”
    After placing an order on the website, you must wait for confirmation by the manager, after which a letter will be sent to the email you specified with a link to pay using a bank card, as well as instructions on how to pay for your order through ERIP.